Some land just won't cooperate on its own.

Whether you’re a grower or an earthworks contractor, the Trimble® WM-Form™ land forming and land leveling solution can help you fix underproducing areas—while also controlling the cost and minimizing disturbance to valuable topsoil.

New features in WM-Form version 1.3 include:

  • New Surface Drainage design mode to allow users to easily design for situations where the destination of the water is "OFF the field"
  • Expanded suite of surface analysis tools to help you make better, more informed decisions
  • Improved drawing and design tools to help simplify the design layout process
  • Full demo mode that allows for a full 10 day test drive before purchasing acres* 
*Only the output of control files is restricted)

Additional WM-Form Software Features:

  • Level or form fields in single or multiple planes, or with multiple hinges
  • Evaluate the water flow and volume patterns of a field before and after design
  • Water management feature allows water to drain in any direction, or to a linear feature such as a drainage system
  • Create multi-direction variable slope designs to optimize the surface for furrow irrigation
  • Create section lines and design each section individually
  • Generate multiple GNSS design variations
  • Produce 2D cut/fill maps and generate job estimates

Try the Latest Version of WM-Form for Free

Simply fill out the form to download the 10-day trial of the WM-Form software. Discover how you can save time and money with a fully integrated solution for land forming operations.

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