Achieve Victory Over Variability With The Ultimate Solutions for Improving Crop Yield and Quality

Each day, you're challenged with producing a high quality wine while increasing profits, reducing costs and respecting the environment. With Trimble's Viticulture solutions, you can leverage decades of precision farming expertise and technology leadership to manage the enemy of in-field variability.

Our Viticulture solutions make it simple for you to take a proactive approach to planting, growing, managing, harvesting and analyzing your vineyards by helping you:

  • Understand the characteristics of your soil via highly accurate electromagnetic measurements to plan and prepare fields that are optimized for the long term
  • Measure and quantify responses to your cultural practices to maximize your inputs and optimize your water use
  • Measure the vigor of the vine canopy for variation, and identify sections for scouting to determine if additional actions need to be taken
  • Improve pattern uniformity and control planting costs by increasing precision of planting vines
  • Easily track adjustments you make throughout the season, analyzing the data to determine correlations between the actions you took, your brix and acidity levels, and the quality of your harvest
Customer Success Story

Jose Diaz is the vineyard manager for Santa Carolina vineyard in Chile. He used our WeedSeeker® spot spray system to control unwanted shoot growth in the vineyard. This resulted in a 50% savings in herbicide costs and a savings on personnel.


"With WeedSeeker, I was able to double the area covered using the same tank of herbicide -- In the past, I would have to refill the tank every two hectares, but with WeedSeeker I was able to spend less hours per day refilling the tank."
Jose Diaz
vineyard manager for Santa Carolina vineyard, Chile